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Not all photographers do touch up work nor is every picture perfect. Sometimes my subjects are not at their best. You know what I mean. How about that morning you wake up on your wedding day with the most ugly pimple on your face or how about that stupid rash on your arm from the new cotton sweater your mother-in-law got you? Sometimes there are situations that are out of our control! Even I run into ┬áthe occasional technical problem or two on a shoot. For example I like to work with speedlights on location. but after a certain point you run into the occasional miss-fire. Sometimes I might under expose a test shot but it ends up being a shot I like. It happens so in post I will take it into Photoshop and correct what I can to save the picture. Now not every picture you take can be Photoshop. A bad shot is a bad shot. You know what they say ‘garbage in is garbage out”



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