Turning a pictures into a paintings with Photoshop



No, sorry I did not shoot these pictures. I only wish to have big name clients like this one day. When I am not shooting photography I do other creative things like DJ or Graphic Design. Yes, I am a Graphic designer too. You can check out my freelance work at mixmediasalad.com.

Anyway, I searched for the original photos on Google and applied a technique that would allow me to make a picture look like a painting. Yes, I know there are filters  in Photoshop that will take any picture and make it look like a painting. The problem I have with those  filters effects  is they don’t allow for much expression and honestly they just don’t feel all that organic to me. I prefer to use my graphic tablet and random brushes to paint over the originals pictures.  To be honest it kind of a relaxing exercise for me and it allows me to explore color shade and light from a different perspective. I have not had a client ask me to do some thing like this yet but I guess I never really put this stuff out there for the world to see. But now that it is out there maybe you will consider hiring me to do this to one of your picture. I Think these would look nice printed on canvas too!

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