What People are Saying

Hey Ron!  You are absolutely amazing!! I can’t believe you got us some pictures already!! You and Anne were so great I’m glad that you two were such a huge part of our wedding day! I really appreciate everything you two did for us!! I know it was a hot one!!I I can’t sing your praises enough!!! You were a true delight to work with and the pictures look great!!! Thank you again for everything! Thanks, Ron. Those pictures look amazing. I like some of the other ones you caught – the close up of the wine rack looks really cool.
IT’s going to be really hard to choose just a few of these for the website – they all look fantastic.
Thanks again for helping me video tape the wedding. You did such a great job with the photography.
This is priceless! Thanks Ronnie!!! You did such an awesome job! :) (btw, this is the flower girl’s mother… lol). –   Thanks again for all the help. Totally worth the 7+ hours of transit.
Those are some great pics! Coming from the restaurant biz, I know the kitchen prob is somewhat dirty but you make it look so sleek! Is there anything you can’t do?
AWESOME pics! U totally have the eye to capture moments! U R TRULY GIFTED!!! =) * you make a kitchen look like art! nice job.